Do you want to limit your child’s screen time without the arguments? Use Gametimer!

Gametimer is a unique kids tech tool for parents and kids to address the issue of gaming and screen time in an interactive and educational way.

Prevents prolonged gaming and screen use.

Puts an end to unnecessary arguments between parents and children.

Ensures that agreements made about gaming times are adhered to.

Encourages children to take responsibility for their daily gaming activities.

Teaches, in an educational way, to better organize screen time.

Gametimer is available in 4 colors.





Offer children a tool for making arrangements.

Children are spending more and more time indoors, in front of a screen. Not only because of games, YouTube and TV, but because an increasing amount of homework has to be made via the computer. The screen has become part of our daily life, also that of children.

“You have to help them plan!”

There are families that have no trouble making proper arrangements about screen time, but in 80% of families it turns out to be increasingly difficult. A large group of parents is generally concerned about the consequences for children and is noticing an increase of screen time with disappointment.

Games such as Fortnite and watching YouTube videos claim a lot of time and how should arrangements be made about this? Gametimer offers help. To prevent our children from always sitting at their screens, it is important to keep a close eye on this time. Gametimer helps children make arrangements and plan time properly, so gaming doesn’t get the upper hand.

Why it’s important to set screen time limits.

Use and necessity of making arrangements.

Some children can spend a lot of time playing computer games and watching (YouTube) videos online. While having access to technology and screen media can be beneficial, too much screen time can lead to issues such as screen addiction or eye problems.

These are reasons for consciously dealing with screen time per day. This often comes down to limiting screen time. After all, children have trouble setting limits themselves, because they haven’t developed this ability yet. It’s up to the parents to make arrangements with them about use of the phone, game console or desktop computer.

Gametimer is easy to use and has no control buttons.




StartupDelta selected Gametimer for CES 2019.

Las Vegas 8-11 January – Constantijn van Oranje leads StartupDelta, the accelerator for the startup ecosystem in the Netherlands and advises companies and the European Commission on their digital innovation strategies.

The focus is Dutch Tech Improving Our Lives. All the selected startups represent the best tech solutions of the Netherlands in the fields of AR/VR, eHealth, robotics, kids tech, mobility and high-end audio. The startups will showcase their products at the Holland Startup Pavilion, one of the largest single country pavilions at CES.

Since its inception, Eureka Park has emerged as a global stage for innovation, drawing startups from all over the world to exhibit. At CES, they value big ideas and the companies that bring them to life. GameTimer was selected from a competitive pool of applicants for our passion for consumer technology and innovation. The team at CTA is impressed with our startup’s drive for technological innovation, and welcomes us to the 8th edition of Eureka Park.

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