Gametime pause

Gametimer is a unique kids tech tool

the easiest way to teach your kids healthy screen time limits

The Dangers of Digital Device Addiction
Kids spend an average of 7+ hours per day in front of screens!

Too much screen time may cause vision problems, attention deficit, sleep deprivation, headaches, obesity, and even loss of social skills.


Gametimer is the solution:

  • Prevents prolonged gaming and screen use.
  • Puts an end to unnecessary arguments between parents and children.
  • Ensures that agreements made about gaming times are adhered to.
  • Encourages children to take responsibility for their daily gaming and screen time activities.
  • Teaches, in an educational way, to better organize screen time.

Gametimer is the perfect tool to help children of all ages manage their daily gaming time.

After setting the agreed game time, the Gametimer is ready for use. The user learns in an educational way that pausing and stopping are part of gaming. Gametimer is easy to use for all ages.


This is how it works

Teach Time Management & Responsibility

Gametimer is a fun way to teach your kids responsibility for their daily gaming. Children can operate Gametimer on their own, which teaches them to manage their screen time and gives them the freedom to independently organize their day. Gametimer never shuts off screens automatically, which encourages accountability, builds trust, and prevents tantrums.


What makes Gametimer unique?

  • Can be used for any screen or electronic device.
  • User must take a mandatory break after each gaming or screen session.
  • Enables children to independently manage their allowed screen time.
  • Has a programmable weekly clock and is easy to set up.
  • Advanced timer for young kids and teens made out of durable plastic and rubber.

Gametimer app

The Gametimer is easy to operate thanks to the user-friendly app.

  • suitable for iOS and Android
  • easy to use
  • program weekly schedules
  • bluetooth pairing
  • the app is completely free
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