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  • Reduce children's screen use
  • Protect children from the negative effects of screen use
  • Gives parents insight into screen time used
  • Eliminates unnecessary discussions between parents and children
  • Put children in charge of their own screen time
  • Encourages taking regular breaks
  • Ensures that agreements about screen time are respected
  • Teaches the child to better organize their screen time
Unbelievable how after one day my 6 and 7 year old children took responsibility themselves for the time they are allowed to spend behind the TV, computer, iPad, etc. They are allowed to watch whenever they want, but no more than the time they are given per day. They now have a better sense of the time they have at their disposal. They schedule their own time throughout the day. No more discussions. No whining. They now turn off the TV themselves when the time is up! We couldn't believe our eyes at first! Now it's the "new normal. :-)
Jan Walta
  • Money back guarantee
  • Two Gametimersfor €139.
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