Talk and agree together

Gametimer will do the rest

For all devices

Clear timer

Mandatory breaks

Fixed routines

Without buttons


Gametimer does not turn off devices.

No complicated pairings or settings required. Because Gametimer does not switch anything off, it always works. It helps by warning you about the agreed time limit.

This is good, because abruptly stopping screen time can cause upset, arguments and tension. And that is exactly what we do not want.

Your child can therefore save and close his game properly, or say goodbye to his friends in the chat.


Turn the Gametimer green side up to start. The screen clearly shows how much time you have left.

As soon as the counter reaches 0, this means it is time for a mandatory break. Go outside, get a drink or do something else. But not with a screen.


Do you want a break yourself? Turn the Gametimer a quarter turn to take a break. By turning it back over the right way, you activate the session again.

Time is up

There comes a point when the agreed time has passed. You will then hear a clear sound and the light will turn red. You cannot go any further and the Gametimer must be turned over. This will turn it off.

Easy control

The simple and user-friendly operation makes management a breeze for everyone. You can use

  • fixed time schedules
  • statistics of use
  • 1 charge gives 30 days of use

Conscious screen use

Our objective with Gametimer is to make kids aware of the time they spend with their screen. Every day, people spend more and more time behind or in front of a screen without realising it. Big and small, at home and on the road, and from early in the morning until just before going to sleep.

As a parent, it can be quite a struggle to know what is good for your kids and say something about it without immediately causing tension. And we can help you with this. With Gametimer, you can talk to your child(ren) and make agreements about screen time. This has a number of interesting advantages.

Awareness of screen time. This helps you prevent children unconsciously becoming dependent on screen entertainment. We all know there is big world to discover when you look over the edge of the screen.

Organise the available time independently. By letting kids decide when to use their screen time, they also learn when they don’t want to. And that education is a bonus as well.

Mandatory breaks to do things without a screen. This is not only good for the kid’s energy, but also important for optical health. Spending too much time behind a screen goes faster than you think.

Using Gametimer helps children take care of their own accountability. Because they must adhere to agreements you have made together.

Get rid of tension, and welcome the peace.

Unique in its own right

Are you now convinced of the advantages of the Gametimer? The Gametimer is available in different colours.

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