How does Gametimer work?

Step 1

Make clear agreements with about the maximum daily screen time. Set these agreements up in the Gametimer app.

Step 2

As soon as the agreements have been set up in the app, they are automatically synchronised in the Gametimer.

Step 3

The Gametimer is now ready for use. Give the Gametimer to your child and the rest is self-explanatory.

“By introducing Gametimer, I’ve started to regulate and restrict gaming”

D. van Houts te Wijchen


When the Gametimer is set up, the device is ready to use.

Turn the Gametimer so the green side is on top and the time begins to run. The set times are shown on the display and via the 10 LEDs.


Placing Gametimer horizontally will put it on pause. This means you can continue later without losing time. Two beeps will sound every minute, and every 15 seconds after 5 minutes; this makes it clear that the Gametimer is in pause mode, meaning a choice has to be made between stop or play.


Turn the Gametimer so the red side is on top to stop playing. When the playing time for the day has been used up, the Gametimer will emit a sound that will not stop until “stop” is activated. It is now no longer possible to set Gametimer to “play” without the sound going off again.

New gaming time will be available again the next day. If you want to increase or decrease the amount of time your child has on certain days, you can set this up via the settings screen of the Gametimer app. This is useful on holidays or weekends for example.

The Gametimer app

The app is easy to use and displays a weekly schedule. In addition, it provides clear statistics, and several Gametimers can be linked and managed. The app connects to the Gametimer via Bluetooth and WiFi. This means all the settings can be synchronised and everything kept up to date.

  • Easy to use
  • Weekly schedule
  • Clear statistics
  • Multiple Gametimers

Clear days and times

You can set the time schedule in which the screen time applies for each day, how long a session may last, and how many sessions are allowed. This makes management extra easy because adjustment can be made in no time.

Statistics from 7 days

The green bar displays how much playing time there is, and the red bar displays what has been used. This gives you a clear overview of screen time.

Password protected

The app is password protected, and the Gametimer app administrator will receive a confirmation e-mail when the settings are changed.

5 Tips!

1. Give them a little “leeway”

A little “leeway” will ensure the Gametimer will be accepted quickly. Your children will be responsible for their own screen time within the limits set. As a result, they can decide themselves when they want to use their screen time. This takes some getting used to for everyone, but children learn quickly.

2. Deciding on the maximum daily screen time

Do you find it difficult to determine how much screen time your child should have every day on average? To help with this, we’ve written an article that explains the maximum recommended screen time for kids. The advice is shown in minutes per age group.

3. Create support

In order to create support, it is important to make the agreements together so both the parent and child agree. By letting children think about the agreements, they become more aware of their screen time and learn to plan better.

4. Increase awareness

Gametimer’s goal is to increase awareness. Children learn that pausing and stopping are part of gaming and screen use. Do not pay too much attention if the Gametimer is not used if you are not around. You can see the playing times of the last 7 days in the statistics.

5. Creating structure

Making agreements about gaming and screen time is not easy. This is mainly because children do not have set times. If you set up a good programme in the Gametimer, your child will be able to easily plan his/her daily screen time. Would you like to know more about how the Gametimer works and how to set it up correctly? See the manual.

Order the Gametimer and put a positive spin on screen time.

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