Game timer: Prevent children from excessive screen use

Children today are spending more and more time behind screens. A worrying development and a social problem say many experts. Since 2019, screen time among children has been increasing dramatically. With the help of Gametimer, you ensure proper arrangements between parent and child. With a whole new way of thinking, Gametimer combats excessive screen use and game addiction.

The concept

Gametimer works differently from all other forms of parental control. Instead of routers and turning off screens, Gametimer works with an educational system that teaches children to plan and manage their screen time themselves. After making clear agreements, you put the agreements made into Gametimer. This immediately creates clarity and avoids unnecessary discussions. Once you have set the agreed times using the app, your child will be responsible for their own screen time. This creates support and you will soon see that the gametimer is accepted. In the Gametimer app, you can see all the times played in the statistics.

How does it work?

Gametimer is an audible and visual electronic hourglass with a green(play) and a red(stop) side. Gametimer also features large sturdy bumpers, so it can take a beating. Gametimer’s battery lasts for a month when fully charged. Another important feature of Gametimer is the compulsory pause that you can set yourself between games. This break in turn encourages children to do other activities. Let’s say you think 2 hours of gaming a day is more than enough. You agree this with your child and then set it in the Gametimer using the app. You then divide these 2 hours into 4 games (30 min per game), for example. Between these games, you put a 15-minute break. During these 15 minutes, your child will go outside to play football, for example. Unsurprisingly, 15 minutes easily becomes 30 minutes. Awareness and responsibility are the main objectives of Gametimer.

More information on how Gametimer works? Read it here on our site!

How to use Gametimer?

To start the gametimer, turn the green side upwards. After a bleep*, the time starts running. The display and the 10 Lights show the set times. By placing the Gametimer horizontally, you temporarily pause the Gametimer so that playtime can be resumed later without wasting time. When the time is up, the Gametimer starts playing sound that stops only when the red side is turned up. If this was not yet the last game of the day, the mandatory pause will now start. On the display and the 10 lights, you can again see how long this lit pause lasts. It is also not possible to turn the Gametimer to green during the mandatory pause.

The Gametimer app

The times and settings can be changed in the app. After creating your account, you will have a password that only you as the administrator can access. If settings are changed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of this. You can also see the screen times played over the past 7 days in the statistics and it is possible to add multiple Gametimers in the app.

After using Gametimer, parents are generally very satisfied with how the Gametimer is accepted. We think this is because children experience freedom and can arrange their own screen time within the set limits
Children need to know that there is a start, pause and stop. In today’s age where screens are taking over the entire world, this is more important than ever. Mental and physical health suffer from excessive screen use. Social interaction is also increasingly restricted by the rise of big gaming giants and social media. Gametimer is open to improvement and partners to fight together against the increasing overuse of screens.