Discover the many benefits! Gametimer..

Limits children's screen time

Protects children from the negative effects of lengthy screen time

Provides parents insight into the used screen time

Ends unnecessary discussions between parents and children

Gives children direct responsibility over their daily screen time

Stimulates taking regular breaks

Ensures established agreements about gaming and screen time are adhered to

Teaches children to better organise their screen time in an educative way

What makes the Gametimer unique?

The principle of the Gametimer is based on parents and their children working together. Firstly, clear rules about the daily maximum screen time and mandatory breaks are established together. Parents can then add these agreements to the app and monitor them, while the children take responsibility over the Gametimer. By giving them this responsibility and freedom, children learn to deal with their maximum daily screen time in an educational manner. The Gametimer has been designed in such a way that children of all ages can easily use it. Everything has been thought of:

  • Robust and solid design
  • Compatible with all screens
  • Bluetooth connection with the app
  • No buttons

A timer and a friend

The development of Gametimer began with playfully learning how to manage screen time and giving children their own responsibility. In addition, Gametimer helps clear agreements to be made, and contributes to children’s awareness of screen use. They learn that taking regular breaks is also an important part of gaming and screen use. Being able to decide themselves when and for how long they can game until the maximum screen time for that day has been reached teaches them to plan the time they spend behind a screen better and more efficiently. With Gametimer, you’ll never have to struggle with screen time again.

Children and gaming: the benefits

Contrary to what many parents think, there is nothing wrong with your child playing games from time to time. Even more so, scientific research has shown that occasional gaming also has several benefits. For example, gaming teaches children to collaborate with others as part of a team, deal with loss in competitive settings and creates improved spatial insight. Additionally, it stimulates their imagination and teaches children to read, speak and write better English. In other words, don’t forget the benefits that playing games can have for your child.

Find the right balance together

In order to combine the best of both worlds, it is important to find the right balance. Therefore start with a good basis and, together with your child, come to an agreement about how to best manage screen time. Simply allow the Gametimer to do the rest! This way, you can protect your child from spending too much time in front of a screen, while you and your child profit from the benefits of both the Gametimer and gaming in general.