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Manage the Gametimer(s) in your app using an account. This means you can link and manage all Gametimers.

Good to know: the app is password protected, and if changes are made, they are also confirmed in your personal e-mail.

Bluetooth + Wifi

The app connects to the Gametimer via Bluetooth and WiFi. That way, all the settings can be synchronised and everything kept up to date.

That’s the only connection there is. So, no difficult links and settings with (game) computers, telephones or tablets.


All Gametimers in the family can be added and managed in the app. This increases convenience for parents.


The settings for days and times are clearly displayed in the app. This makes management extra easy. An adjustment can be made in no time.

Time of day

The details of the relevant day are visible in the app. You can set the time schedule in which the screen time applies for each day, how long a session may last, and how many sessions are allowed. The Gametimer can also be paused.