About Gametimer

There’s nothing wrong with gaming, let’s get that straight. But as with many things in life, a good balance is important. Gaming helps children learn to deal with losing, improves spatial awareness, and helps them learn to work as part of a team. In addition, it naturally stimulates the imagination, while helping them learn to read, speak and write English better through gaming. Gametimer helps you protect your child against the dangers of excess screen time and prevents discussions.

This has got to be a positive spin for everyone

The development of Gametimer began with playfully learning how to manage screen time and giving children their own responsibility. In addition, Gametimer helps clear agreements to be made, and contributes to children’s awareness of screen use. They learn that taking regular breaks is also an important part of gaming and screen use. Being able to decide themselves when and for how long they can game until the maximum screen time for that day has been reached teaches them to plan the time they spend behind a screen better and more efficiently. With Gametimer, you’ll never have to struggle with screen time again.

The Gametimer

The Gametimer is designed for children of all ages to operate easily. It is robust, sturdy, and available in four colours. Gametimer is suitable for all screens because it ensures the children turn off the screen themselves. It has no buttons, it simply works like an egg-timer.

Turn the Gametimer so the green side is on top and the time begins to run. By placing Gametimer horizontally, the game time “pauses”. When playing time is used up, the Gametimer will emit a sound that will not stop until “stop” is activated by placing the red side on top.

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Gametimer is available in 4 colours

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